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Random is me

Thursday, July 29, 2010 Y

LOLS the same this look like a dairy.... Today was so bad lor i have to wake up so early and go to eat my Breakfirst at the foodcort i ate wan tan and went to school i was late and i was told that the bus is reaching at 12 omg lor then after that when i reach there i just eat eat eat talk talk talk play play play untill the time so sianzzz at the last part of the day was the best but before i wear the tuexode was so ugly and hot plus make up somemore so ugly!Then at the last part the finalial i dunno how to spell we are the last the we are waving our hands jumping like monkeys haha keep saying bye and smiling like idolt lOls ... okay that's wad i gotta say cya=)

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Monday, July 26, 2010 Y

LOLS i went to replibic to practice for this wednesday performance lol so boring

Typed @ 6:41 PM

Saturday, July 24, 2010 Y

This Note Looks Like A Dairy LOLS
Today i went to school i thought NPD Will be fun.. Never Thought that ....
Okay At first i reach school i was the 4th who reach the hall and i helped teachers to make the KFC package for everyone and give out to them.And My Principle Wanted us to do kalang wave so that we can go and is 1 class by a time so sad!
Then out class was the 2nd and we go 2nd ....While we go my and dexter sitted together he sent me lots of game and songs LOLS in phone la...
Then after that...On the way i saw COncord Primary school pointing Loser to us we just point back and victoria tay pointed and the NS saw her OMG lor!
Then we reach padang my friend say cow dang ...Lols i have to wait for so long to let the thing start i almost doze of in the hot weather with so much noise !
Finally started !! The best part i like is at night ..in the yellow secter i think i was looking at there that screen and i saw those people's clapper light was so beautiful all of them on it and it was like a team work ...same as the performance and the chore .....But the most i hate that part got 2 ! the not so hate 1 is the plane lols.. When the air force fly across padang it was like the whole singapore got earthquick and amira hahaha so scard untill almost cry.
The most i hate is when we go back when we are on the bus!Acturelly i was happy to go home ....But my emotion changed just because of that FKING Aloysius! I also dunno wad he do but everyone was blamming him of doing 1 thing wrong that make the whole class can't talk in the bus and even not let us for 2!!!!WEEKS OF RECESS SIA! I HATE THAT!And i reach home at 10 pm lols ...That's all i gotta say =)

Typed @ 11:42 PM

Thursday, July 22, 2010 Y

1st time didn't wear PE T-Shirt get heavy scolding others didn't wear for a few weeks didn't get so unfair!

Typed @ 2:01 PM

Wednesday, July 21, 2010 Y

Yes! Going Saturday and Tomorrow is Thursday means << Naruto!
Saturday<< Going to padang for ndp.. My friend say padang is cow dang LOLS

Typed @ 3:42 PM

Tuesday, July 20, 2010 Y

I Really Hate Today!Lucky have recess.Firstly Need stay for so many subjects and that stupid imran keep taking my spacs and fooling like a idolt and lending $ dun pay need get teacher warning soon.And now i dunno why just dunno why my word change to chinise i feel like killing this com!

Typed @ 6:50 PM


Today 2 koreans came in my class ..Damee what lor!We just gave out face to Mrs Tan And we get such a bad face back to us.Still say embreress.

Typed @ 6:48 PM


Typed @ 6:48 PM

Monday, July 19, 2010 Y

Today i have to thanks to the dancers.Because without them i would be doing homework now =( During Supplimentry The dancers went to dance and a bunch of us were doing homework as Mrs Tan said ..Lucky sia then go back home no need do =0

Typed @ 4:46 PM

Sunday, July 18, 2010 Y

Yes! Finally i know how to make my new blog skin from blogskins.com anyway i have to thx WeiFeng =) Thank you

Typed @ 4:25 PM

Thursday, July 15, 2010 Y

Today so lucky sia!!Mrs tan not here plus no Homework from shen lao shi!! YIpeee

Typed @ 1:55 PM

Wednesday, July 14, 2010 Y

Green Bean = Dou =Dou mi hui = Lao hui = Sim cheng hui

Typed @ 6:40 PM


I can't Belive this man!
Before school's over 2 Girls Was Taking to Imran and so many people was watching them..
And They said''Woooooo''Ímran and victoria and Baverly''<Then Imran blame me WTH!!Baverly slam the door infront of me !Lucky thats the time going Home Finally can relex T.T. Imran Please Don't Blame me i didn't put anything of u 3 on facebook Thank you

Typed @ 6:36 PM


Hope can be it!@.@

Typed @ 6:31 PM

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